Club Championship

Championship Standings – 01/09/16

club championship results as at 2016 09 01

Update to Championship Rules

It will no longer be necessary to marshal at an SSCC event to be eligible for the overall Club Championship.  Of course there is a separate Marshalling Championship which we would like to see members participating in!
Club Championship 2016

After a few queries, I have amended the tables to reflect a few errors and omissions.  For your information here are some Questions and Answers which I hope will clarify the position:

Q – Can you explain the 8 event rule?

A – Only the best 8 events count in each Championship category so if someone does more than 8 the lower scores are dropped.  If they do less than 8 then all their scores count. Even if you do only one event you will still be included within the Championship.

Q – Last year all events counted in the Club Championship.  Why is this not happening this year?

A – At the last Annual General Meeting it was agreed that the overall Club Championship would only include SSCC events.  However for the individual discipline events all MSA events count.  SSCC events still attract double points.
Q – I was first in class but only got 16 points.  Why did I not get 20 points?

A – For the Championships, points are scored on your class position.  However the person scoring FTD gets an extra 4 points (2 if it is a non-SSCC event).  Therefore if say Class 1 provided the person who was FTD then that person would get 20 points plus 4 extra points (10 points plus 2 extra points if it is a non-SSCC event).  The person who came 2nd in Class 1 would get 16 points (8 points if it is a non-SSCC event).  Awards may be presented differently from that.
Q – What points do you get for a Production Car Autotest?
A – As you have a passenger to help you navigate round the course, you get half the normal points.  So in a SSCC PCA, first in class would get 10 points, second 8 points and so on.
Q – I did another Club’s event but this has not been included.  Why not?
A – I try to pick up results from other events but this is not comprehensive.  Members should send me results or a link to them so that I can include them.  Remember only events that you have entered under SSCC and are displaying a SSCC sticker count.

Alistair J Reid

Championship Co-ordinator

2015 Championship Rules

Below are the Club Championship Rules along with the qualifying SSCC events which will attract double points.  Other events may be added during the year or dates changed and these will be notified to all members via email and on the Club’s website.

2015 Club Events

Event                                                                          Date                         Championship

 Malcolm AutoTest                                                     24/01/2015             Club, AutoTest

Ardeer AutoTest                                                        07/02/2015             Club, AutoTest

SpringTest 1                                                               14/03/2015             Club, AutoTest

SpringTest 2                                                               25/04/2015             Club, AutoTest

Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint                               16/05/2015             Club, Speed

Summer AutoTest                                                     15/08/2015             Club, AutoTest

GWF Energy Merrick Stages Rally                        05/09/2015             Club, Rally

Winter AutoTest 1                                                      07/11/2015              Club, AutoTest

Winter AutoTest 2                                                      28/11/2015              Club, AutoTest

Points Scoring System                                         SSCC Events          Other MSA Events

1st Overall                                                                       24                                  12

1st in Class (except 1st Overall)                                   20                                  10

2nd in Class                                                                      16                                    8

3rd in Class                                                                      12                                    6

4th in Class                                                                        8                                    4

All other finishers                                                           6                                    3

Starters but did not finish                                            2                                    1

Organisers (as decided by the Board)                     12                                    6

Officials and Marshals                                                 6                                    3

The Rules

In allocating points, your position including non-SSCC members is considered

  1. In Production Car Autotests: First in class 5 points (SSCC events 10 points), 2nd in class 4/8 points, all other finishers 3/6 points
  2. On rallies, Drivers and Navigators score points independently
  3. Class amalgamations must be declared before the event starts (and be shown as such on the results).
  4. Ties will be resolved in favour of the competitor who counts most 12s (24s for SSCC events) in his/her final score, failing which most 10/20s,
  5. All MSA approved events count. Points must be claimed by sending an email together with a copy of or a link to the results to the Championship Co-ordinator.
  6. Only the best 8 scores count towards the Championships (except Marshalling)
  7. To be eligible for any of the Championships (excluding Marshalling), members must enter as SSCC, display an SSCC sticker.
  8. There will be a separate Marshalling Championship. Organising, officiating and marshalling on any MSA approved events count (SSCC events get double points). Points must be claimed by sending an email stating the event name and date and the email address of the Chief Marshal to the Co-ordinator. All events count towards the Marshals Championship.  Board directors and officials are not eligible for the marshalling championship.

2014 Club Championship Results

At the 2014 Annual General Meeting, changes to the Club Championship were proposed and adopted .  In essence, all MSA approved events would count towards the Championship with the Club’s own events counting for double points.  Organising, officiating or marshalling would not score in the Championship but a separate Championship would be created.  However to qualify for the Club Championship, competitors would need to organise, officiate or marshal on at least one SSCC event.  Other important qualifying requirements would be to enter a SSCC event, enter under SSCC (although entering under more than one Club would be allowed) and displaying a SSCC sticker on the car

As the new rules were not notified to all members, the qualifying rules for 2014 have been relaxed.  So Alistair Reid has been keeping a close eye on members’ competition activities and, as best as he could, has compiled championship results.  The tables are now on the website.  If there is anything missing then you will realise how important it will be to let Alistair know when you have competed so everything can be included in the 2015 Championship.

Awards for 2014:

The Championship Cup to the overall Club Champion                              Ian Brown

Runner up to the Club Champion – Campbell Trophy                              Ricky Wheeler

Ladies Champion – Mitchell Trophy                                                             Allison Bruce

Autotest Champion – Hartley Whyte Trophy                                              Ian Brown

Offroad Champion – Alexander Trophy                                                       Alistair Reid

Rally Driver Champion – A K Challenge Trophy                                        David Cameron

Rally Navigator Champion – Armour Trophy                                             Douglas Cameron

Sprint Champion – Page Trophy                                                                   Mark Runciman

Race Champion                                                                                                 No entries

Highest placed driver in the Springtest series – Robertson Trophy      Ricky Wheeler

Highest placed husband and wife team in the SSCC Club Championship –

The Alexander Scott Trophy     Mark and Tracy Runciman

Highest placed SSCC:

driver in the Scottish Sprint C’ship – Sleigh Quaich                                  No entries

novice driver in the Scottish Sprint Championship                                    No entries

driver in the Scottish Rally C’ship – Tennant Reid trophy                       David Cameron

navigator in the Scottish Rally Championship – Highland Trophy        Martin Maccabe

driver in the Scottish Tarmac Rally Championship – Smith Quaich      Mark Runciman

navigator in the Scottish Tarmac Rally C’ship –

Grange Motors Trophy        Lewis MacDougall

driver in the RSAC Scottish Rally – Bisset Cup                                        No entries

navigator in the RSAC Scottish Rally – Romer Trophy                          Martin Maccabe

driver in the GWF Energy Merrick Rally – Hastie Shield                      Donald Carslaw

navigator in the GWF Energy Merrick Rally – Butler Cup                    Martin Maccabe

member driving a european car – Buchanan Trophy                            David Cochrane

Event awards:

Springtest 1

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                                    Ricky Wheeler

1st Class 6 – AutoTest                                                                                    Ian Brown

1st Overall – AutoSolo                                                                                   Greg Stark

1st Class 2 – AutoSolo                                                                                  Trevor Bowden

1st Class 3 – AutoSolo                                                                                   Ian Sinclair

Springtest 2

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                                  Ricky Wheeler

1st Class 5 – AutoTest                                                                                  Warren Gillespie

1st Overall – AutoSolo                                                                                 Ross Pringle

1st Class 1 – AutoSolo                                                                                Mark Runciman

1st Class 2/3 – AutoSolo                                                                             Joe Pringle

The Mosquito

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                              Lewis MacDougall

1st Class 3 – AutoTest                                                                               Robert May

1st Class 4 – AutoTest                                                                              Alan Brown

1st Overall – AutoSolo                                                                             Bob Mather

1st Class 2 – AutoSolo                                                                              Dominic Shanahan

1st – PCA                                                                                                    Fraser Mitchell

The Colonel Drake

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                            David Cochrane

1st Class 3 – AutoTest                                                                            Mark Runciman

1st Class 4 – AutoTest                                                                            Ian Brown

1st Overall – AutoSolo                                                                           Archie Simmonds

1st Class 1 – AutoSolo                                                                            Russell Mowat

1st Class 2 – AutoSolo                                                                           Dominic Shanahan

1st – PCA                                                                                                   Cameron Russell

Flight of the Valkeryrie

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                           Gordon Winning

1st Class 4 – AutoTest                                                                            Ian Brown

1st Overall – AutoSolo                                                                          Grant Reid

1st Class 2 – AutoSolo                                                                          Paul Hughes

Winter Test

1st Overall – AutoTest                                                                          Ian Brown

1st Class 3/6 – AutoTest                                                                      Bob Mather

1st  – PCA                                                                                                Fraser Mitchell

Awards presented by the Club’s Board of Directors –

Member who was the best marshal – Balfour Trophy

Member who tried the most – The Triers Trophy

Member who contributed most to the Club

These awards are announced at the Presentation of Awards


Here is the detailed breakdown –  Club Championship Results 2014 Final

Congratulations to all the winners!!

2013 Final Placings

We now have the final results – and it couldn’t have been closer!

All awards will be presented at the AGM and Prizegiving, details to follow soon.

2013 SSCC Club Championship 14 01 14

November Update #2

With only one round to go Grainger Roberton and Alistair Reid both have 46 points but Grainger leads the table as he scored maximum points earlier in the season whilst Archie Simmons is close behind with 44 points. It is expected that Grainger and Archie will battle it out for the win on the last autotest. If Archie wins the next autotest and Grainger gets a Class win then they would both end up with 56 points but Grainger would win because of his earlier success. So the pressure is on Grainger not to slip up.

However  Grainger is in an unassailable position in the Autotest Championship as he leads by 16 points with only 12 points still to win.

The final round will be on Saturday 30th November  and will be an all forwards AutoSolo , Autotest and Production Autotest ( see under Event News for more details). Entries are looking very good, so why not come along as well?

SSCC 2013 Club Championship 13 11 24

November Update

 With only 2 rounds to go in the Club Championship, Alistair Reid is leading with 44 points whilst Grainger Robertson and Archie Simmons is snapping at his heals with 34 points.  Ricky Wheeler is also still in contention with 30 points.  With Alistair scheduled to be chief timekeeper on the final rounds, the other contenders for the Championship can easily overhaul Alistair to snatch the title.
Meanwhile with the final round of the Production Car Trial now completed, Alistair has emerged as the offroad champion with Archie Simmons coming second.  Alistair said the trials were great fun but hopes to have more opposition from Club members next year.
Remember to get your autotest entry into Charles Turner now.  The first one is on Saturday 9th November with the second on 30th November.

SSCC 2013 Club Championship 2013 11 03SSCC 2013 Club Championship June 2013

(Click to Enlarge)


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