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Get Registered – Get Trained – Keep Our MotorSport Safe

Scottish Rallying is changing – it seems we got a bit left behind in the late 80’s, while the world has moved on. Sure, we now have more radio marshals, the results appear on your mobile via black magic and the exponential increase in paper work could now rival the post office sorting room, but are we actually any safer? Do we act any more responsibly?

The Scottish Association of Car Clubs is now leading the way forward, being guided by the Scottish Government Safety Review after the spectator accidents at the Snowman and Jim Clark Rallies. One of the major areas of change is in Marshal training and registration, which will soon be essential for anyone wishing to be involved. I have heard of resistance to sign up as a marshal, but this seems crazy. Nowadays  we all signed up to Facebook, supermarkets, nectar cards – heck I even have a web login for the cinema, and I have been to see one film in the past three years!!! Why not register to be a marshal? Go ahead, it’s free!

This will also enrol you in the exciting new Reward Scheme – details will follow soon!

Hopefully, everything you need to get started with marshals registration is here and some answers to your questions too.

Step one

Download and complete the 2015 MSA Marshal’s Registration form

Step two

Have your application endorsed by your club official (Club Secretary, Charles Turner who will then send it to the MSA.
If applying for anything other than Trainee or Marshal grades then complete a motorsport CV and enclose evidence to make the process faster.

Step three

Attend some events and training sessions.

FAQs – Questions we’ve been asked so far…

Q – Will registering with the MSA cost me anything?
A – No. It is a free scheme.

Q – Which Licence Grade is best for me?
A – You are the best judge of this. The “higher” grades require more evidence of both roles and training undertaken. We will be running a lot of training over 2015 to allow marshals to “brush up” on their skills, so this can be considered.

Q – Who decides if the Grade I applied for is awarded?
A – Any grades above the Marshal grade require a Car Club or Association signature to show the individual is suitable for the grade applied for. However, the MSA will also consider each application – please include as much detail in your “Motorsport CV” as possible. Remember, both training and event attendance is important.

Q – What information should I include in my “Motorsport CV”?
A – Basically, as much as you can. If you have a previous Marshal Record card this is perfect. If not (or it isn’t complete) please use the attached template to record which events you have attended and in which role. Use the comments column for detail (e.g. You were a Marshal, but record that you were Paddock, stop line, flag, in-stage etc.). Attendance certificates for training sessions or copies of danglies/laminates with your name are also very useful!

Q – Who can countersign my form if I’m not a member of a club?
A – Please forward the form and CV to: SACC Training Coordinator Unit 3, Park Court Broxburn West Lothian EH52 6EE

Q – What if I marshal at different event types?
A – No problem, just apply for all the categories that are relevant.

Q – Do I need to send a photo?
A – A photo is required for the licence. You can either include a passport sized picture, or on the form write the address of a link to one stored online (e.g. Dropbox)

Q – Does registration commit me to anything?
A – No. The only commitment is for ongoing training and event attendance in order to maintain your registration grade. Each year you will be asked to confirm that you have complied with the requirements and you may be asked to show evidence.

Q – Can I be included in the Rewards Scheme without registering with the MSA?
A – No. We are using the MSA’s system as the base of our reward system so you need to register with the MSA.

Q – Can you tell me more about the Reward Scheme?
A – Get registered with the MSA, we will use that database to send out information!

Q – If you have already registered as a marshal before getting the email, will you be automatically registered for the reward scheme?
A – Yes, all 2015 MSA Marshal Registration Cards are eligible. In fact, the earlier you register, the better the reward!

Q – Is this registration in addition to the MSA licence?
A – Yes, this is the grading for marshals, from trainee through Stage Commander, so different from the competition and officials’ licences. It is free and will use your existing MSA ID number and photo if you put your number in the boxes at the top right of the form.

Other MSA documents and links we think you may find interesting

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Upgrade Requirements
Link to MSA Marshal Interactive Site

This letter and FAQs should be emailed to invite as many marshals to register as we can – feel free to download and email to your contacts, even if they receive multiple copies!
Letter and FAQs

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