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SSCC Winter AutoSolo/AutoTest/PCA – 24 November 2018

A great entry and a great day!

2018 11 24 results winter autotest 21

SSCC Summer Autosolo/Autotest/PCA 2: Results

The results for last Saturday’s event at Irvine Bay Events, Ardeer, are attached.  We hope you all enjoyed the event and our congratulations to the individual event winners:
        1st Autosolo    Hamish Hamilton
        1st Autotest    Callum Ross    

results 2018 august 18 summer autotest 2

SSCC Summer Autotest/solo/PCA 1 2018: Results

1. SSCC Summer Autosolo/Autotest/PCA 1: Results

The results for last Saturday’s event at Irvine Bay Events, Ardeer, are in the previous post. We hope you all enjoyed the event (and the sunshine!) and our congratulations to the individual event winners:

1st Autosolo Andrew Park
1st Autotest Ray Simpson
1st Junior PCA Andrew Blackwood/Gordon Winning
1st Beginner across the three events (not included in the attached results sheet): Max Adler

As usual, if there are any queries or explanation required as to how the results are calculated please don’t hesitate to contact me (but first see the footnote at the bottom of the results page for an explanation of the various symbols used). Basically, the results are given in terms of the number of seconds (and fraction) taken to complete a test, and penalties (hitting a pylon) are calculated at 5 seconds per pylon. A # symbol means that that time/penalties has been dropped from the calculation (we discount the slowest time from each group of tests)

2. Forthcoming Events – Competitions: the next events on our calendar are:

Saturday 18 August 2018 – SSCC’s Summer Autosolo/Test/PCA 2, to be held at Ardeer (subject to us being granted access to the venue)

or, alternatively

Sunday 19 August 2018 – SSCC’s Summer Autosolo/Test/PCA 2 to be held at a new venue south of Glasgow which we are currently investigating with a view to finalising access.

For the time being please take a note of both of the above dates. We hope to make a decision as to which venue to use before the end of this month but as soon as a decision is made Regs will be circulated in the usual way to all on my circulation list. The Regs will also be posted on the club’s website at http://www.scottishsportingcc.co.uk and the Club’s Facebook page.

Results – results 2018 july 7 summer autotest 1

SSCC Robertson Trophy Autosolo/Test/PCA 3 2018: Results

A bumper entry of 30 enjoyed a day’s motorsport at Ardeer on Saturday, with the round also being the inaugural round of the Scottish Road Car series.
Congratulations to all!

Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint 2017, Supported by Complete Cleaning Services

On Saturday 13th May the club ran the Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint 2017, a round in the Guyson Scottish Sprint Championship and the MAXSport Competition Tyres (Scotland) Lowland Speed Championship. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable and successful day notwithstanding the changeable weather conditions!

Congratulations to Stewart Robb on setting Fastest Time of Day and so winning the Bo’ness Trophy to hold for the next 10 months and to all the other award winners. Full results are below.

On behalf of the Scottish Sporting Car Club, our thanks to the event sponsors, Complete Cleaning Services of Barrhead, and best wishes to everyone for a successful 2017 season of motor sport.

Charles Turner
Entries Secretary

2017 ipms sat 13th may results

SSCC Robertson Trophy Autosolo/Test/PCA 3 2017: Results

The results for last Saturday’s event at Irvine Bay Events, Ardeer, are attached. We hope you all enjoyed the event and our congratulations to Ryan Gardiner who took FTD in the Autosolo, to Alan Mair for FTD in the Autotest and to Andrew Blackwood for FTD in the Production Car Autotest.
As usual, if there are any queries or explanation required as to how the results are calculated please don’t hesitate to contact Charles.

Robertson Trophy Autotest, Malcolms, 4th March 2017

A really good day was had by all at the Robertson Trophy autotest 2 on Saturday.
It was a small but enthusiastic entry, ranging from a novice at her first event through to someone returning to the sport after 30 years!
The driving was entertaining, the banter good, and the bacon rolls well received.
Thanks to all the marshals and officials, and congratulations to all the drivers.

Ardeer Autotest, 7th February 2015

We all know weather reports aren’t always very accurate, but at today’s event at Ardeer, no one was complaining. The predicted “sunny Intervals” turned out to be wall to wall sunshine with surprising warmth for this time of year. One Looney was even walking about in just a T-shirt!!!

The event went well, with lots of smiling faces. The results will be posted soon, with a list of the Official Prizes; which will be awarded at the club AGM at end of the end of the championship year.

However, in the mean time, there was chocolate at stake!!! And not just any chocolate, it was Terry’s Chocolate Oranges that were up for grabs, awarded under the banner: “Spoof Prizes”. Unbeknown to the competitors, there was a top secret meeting held at lunch time to adjudicate each of the categories. This is was the outcome:

1) Best Sticker displayed on the car
A surprisingly competitive category, but ultimately Fraser Mitchell took the prize with his declaration that he is a “Certified Cable-Tie Technician”. Quite right, Britain would benefit greatly if there was more of your kind!!!

2) Intra-Family Award
In the past few autotests we have seen Family members slogging it out, trading times with each other in the fiercest of battles. Today was no different with Mr Speedy and Mrs Speedy sharing the same Suzuki Swift, with victory to Mark. So in the hopes that the competition wasn’t too brutal, we have awarded Tracy a consolation prize!

3) Best Prepared Car
It was clear from the beginning that there was only one contender for this prize. His stunning MG Midget really is a joy to behold – Colin Rose.

4) Sprit of the Event
Despite a setback early on in the event with a scary moment that lead to denting a wheel and scraping the bumper, everyone was please to see her back out, showing us she won’t give up that easily. Well done to Fiona Bertram – we are sorry about your useless passenger (is it not the Navigators fault anyway?)

5) Best Entertainer
If there were no stopwatches to time competitors, this would undoubtedly be the winners prize. With Lots of power slides, tyre smoke and more spectators watching than anyone else, we would like to congratulate Drew McLean on his performance.

And remember, these chocolate ORANGES are one of your five-a-day!!! Honest!!!

Several on board videos were taken, and with a bit of luck and black magic they should be appearing on YouTube very soon.

Our thanks again to our hosts Irvine Bay Events, there FaceBook page is more than worth while looking at and joining.

Also our big thanks to Charles Turner and Alistair Reid and their teams for their help in running the event.

Kenneth McRae (CoC)

Winter Autotest January 2015

Well, despite the recent weather, the latest round of Scottish Sporting Car Club’s Winter Series of Autotest took place on 24th January. In fact, believe it or not, it was the warmest Autotest so far this year… I will admit that it is also the first, but facts are facts!!!

The predicted snow and ice had subsided and the sun shone through with only the occasional spot of rain – and lots of tyre squeal.

The route was specially designed by none other than the British sports car manufacture Lotus. …and then shamelessly we copied BBC’s Top Gear test track, then compacted and distorted it in to a small truck yard in Johnstone – but the essence is still there. We kept the famous names of all the corners (well, cones): “Hammerhead”, “Follow-through” and even” Gambon”!!! How many Autotest do you see with corners named after famous people?

David Cochrane was back out with a change of wheels, after the old Mercedes was retired recently. His new car – a Skoda Superb – certainly marked a change of style to his usual trademark “disappear in tyre smoke sideways” performance. With traction control and a full 4.8 meters of car to deal with, David put in a neat and tidy run to take a “Superb” win with the FTD, beating all of the more sporty cars!!!

Drew McLean came out on top of the three Mazda MX5s to win the amalgamated class 3 & 6 and a second overall, with Ian Brown hot on his tyre tracks with less than four seconds behind him after all eight tests.

Alan Mair turned up with a birthday present from his wife – a nicely prepared autotest Mini!!! My biggest question is how on earth did she manage to wrap it up with wrapping paper… it must have been some challenge. On track, Alan was getting to grips with his new toy, and particularly the hand brake. Only his first time out and he takes the class win for under 1400cc.

At the other end of the field Mr and Mrs McRae were battling it out over last place. Ian was in his fancy Mazda MX5 Sport, Brenda opting to “borrow” her son’s road car – a little Ford Fiesta. The race was one of a tortoise and a hair, Ian driving as fast as his navigating skills could keep up with, picking up a few WDs along the way. Meanwhile Brenda was content with slow and steady, which in the end gave her the intra-family victory!!!

Alistair Reid was again chief marshal and led an excellent team who did a fantastic job running the event and timing the competitors. I know I can safely speak for all present at the event when I sincerely thank Alistair and all the marshals for their dedication and hard work the event. THANKS GUYS !!!

Thanks also to Charles Turner and David Robertson for the massive amount of work behind the scenes, their work and organisation is the difference between a successful event and a chaotic muddle. Lastly thank to WH Malcolm for the use of their venue – who knows where we would be without their generosity – quite literally!!!

The next event is at Ardeer (KA20 3NF) on the February 7, 2015 at 11:00 am and at the same time and place on the 8th March. Entry Forms will soon be available on the website, Facebook or by request form kenneth.mcrae@vallourec.com

Grant Construction Knockhill Stages 4/1/15

While most of you were still easing into 2015, several club members were blowing the cobwebs away competing at a very chilly Knockhill tarmac rally. Several club members were also out marshalling so grateful thanks to them – not an easy task in the conditions!

Gordon Winning and Robin Laird had a terrific run in the Mk2 Escort, picking up 11th overall and 1st in Class 4 – congratulations to them both.

George Donaldson navigated Jock MacFarlane’s Fiesta ST to 29th overall, while Mark Runciman and Julian May brought the wee Nova home in 31st place. Lindsay Taylor and David Murie had a more troublesome day but still managed to finish in 38th place.

It was a good fun day, with a lot of ice and general slippyness throughout.

Mark and Julian had a couple of cameras in the car, so below is a link to two teletubbies in a nova!

Ardeer Autotest/AutoSOLO 20/9/14

A small but select group competed, here are the results:

Autotest Ardeer 20 September 2014

AutoSOLO Ardeer 20 September 2014

Not an event, but….

Bruce recently paid a visit to the Lake District. Here’s his report.



6am last Friday saw me head the big Audi for the M74, Cumbria, and the M-Sport HQ. I had been invited by John MacCrone to a demo day to introduce his new Fiesta R5 to supporters and potential sponsors, and to have a look at the vastly impressive M-Sport facility owned by Malcolm Wilson, the old Ford Works Rally Driver, at Dovenby Hall, near Cockermouth. Later, we were to have a run round a 2.2 mile stage at Greystoke Forest sitting beside the young driver from Mull.

As we were being shown round the complex number of buildings, the M-Sport cars of Elfyn Evans and Miko Hirvonen were just returning from the WRC Rally Australia, joining a line up of around 20 similar cars in various states of preparation. As we entered, we passed a split new R5, pristine in white and looking amazing – yours for £200k! Malcolm’s son Matthew has given up competing, and is now responsible for the Race Division, which is heavily involved with Bentley, turning the big Continental limousine into a sports car – quite a job! The body and lots of other components are replaced by Kevlar equivalents to get the thing down to a fighting weight about half of when it started! There were two cars to look at, and the Team already have two wins to their credit. The complex of buildings round the Hall itself houses departments for everything you can possibly think of for competition preparation, from Dyno to body shop, engine build to electronics and the next and final step is to be a multi-million £ engine manufacturing plant, starting from their own casting of the blocks.

I was able to have a decent chat with Malcolm before he left for Germany, and he was telling me that they are now up to 100 R5 cars sold around the world. They also have a plant in Poland, serving the expanding market in Eastern Europe and Russia. A young looking 58 year old, he sat in his lovely office looking out at the Estate, and his amazing facility which now employs over 200 people. He will be one of the biggest employers in Cumbria. Two of my old team from Sprint in East Kilbride are now key members of the M-Sport Team. George Black, who was the Manager at Sprint and who looked after my own competition cars, is the tyre guru on WRC events. George now lives in Barcelona with his Argentinian lady – quite a way from Carsphairn and Machars Car Club! Mark Aitken, who worked with George at Sprint, is now in charge of M-Sport’s electronic an electrical stuff – a big job.

On to Greystoke Forest, 33 miles east, past some of the most beautiful mountains and lakes, arriving at the holding area for John MacCrone’s heroic efforts. I think he took over 20 folk out in the R5, booted and suited, and at competitive speeds. When I had a chat with him at the end, his race suit was damp with sweat, and there was no doubt he had been giving it some. My first impression was of how low, and far back the co-driver sits in these things – you can’t easily see the road, and not at all over crests. I suppose that the co-driver does not actually need to see the road, as long as the driver does! I was amazed by the speed of all this latest technology, and the sequential gearbox needs brutal treatment, but, boy – does it change fast. The most amazing, and impressive thing is the braking capability. It is almost like a switch. One minute full throttle, the next – full stop, or at least dialed into the speed for the corner. It was all very impressive, and an opportunity to appreciate John’s skill close up and personal. He is a great young talent, and I hope he achieves his aim of Junior WRC next year. It will all depend on getting the funding together, so if you know anyone with an idea of supporting a potential next Colin McRae, you could not do better than working with John. He will be out with Stuart Loudon co-driving, on the McRae Rally soon, and it will be interesting to see how this new machine will perform.

Back on the M6 heading for home after a great experience. Thanks to John and his Team Boss Richard Moore for the opportunity, which was greatly appreciated.


10629781_760802713976826_4671779933985149503_n IMG_0247 IMG_0249 IMG_0253 IMG_0254

Ardeer Results









Ardeer Autotest/SOLO 20th August 2014

A fine time was had by all last night at a new site for us – Ardeer near Irvine. Over 20 competitors, a dozen or more officials/marshals/helpers and probably 30 or more spectators turned out to run two simultaneous events beside each other. There was a fairly tight and technical AutoSOLO and a fast and open autotest. Along with the usual faces we also had several new entrants from a variety of clubs. One group that came along was “Tartan Tarmac” – here is the video that they made http://www.tartantarmac.com/scottish-sporting-car-club-autotest-august-2014/

The next event is next Wednesday evening (27th August) starting at 18:30. Why not come down and help, or even enter?

AGM and Prizegiving

As you will be aware, the club AGM and Prizegiving took place earlier this month at the Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow. It turned out to be a great evening, with a good attendance.

We started off with the AGM. Almost immediately, and with a great sigh of relief, Bruce Lyle handed over Chairmanship of the club to me – Julian May. My involvement with SSCC goes back to the ‘70s, although it is in the past few years I have been actively helping out with the club. I am very honoured to take up this role, and look forward to the time ahead. I was also pleased to announce that Martin Maccabe has agreed to act as Vice Chair – he clearly didn’t duck fast enough.

In terms of the board, Bruce has agreed to continue to be a member and we were delighted that Robert May has decided to become a full board member. Robert, along with Caroline Carslaw and Kenneth McRae, has been attending our board meetings over the past year to give us a more “youthful” view on any plans so I am sure he will continue to bring his own valuable contribution.

We then discussed a major alteration to the structure of the Club Championship. At a very high level, a new style of championship was described, where results from any MSA-permitted event that is entered by an SSCC member and showing SSCC as the member’s club would count.  Marshalling will also count, and will be required for at least one SSCC event. This would give us individual championships for Autotest/SOLO, Race, Rally Driver, Rally Co-driver and Speed. The results from each of these will be accumulated towards an overall Club Champion award. There are some details still to be finalised but these new rules will be in place with immediate effect. This should make for a very interesting Championship this year, and we will review the rules at the next AGM to make any alterations required.

Another area of discussion was the marketing of events, with many excellent suggestions being made including re-naming different types of event to attract new participants. For example, instead of promoting an Autotest we could call the event a “Mini Sprint” or “Car Park Rally”. These discussions were continued long after the formal session concluded showing the enthusiasm that exists within the membership.

Following the AGM we held the prizegiving, where we were delighted to welcome back Jim McRae to present the awards. Congratulations to everyone who went home with silverware! As ever, I would like to record my thanks to Charles Turner for the power of work he puts in not only to the AGM and prizegiving, but throughout the year. It is hugely appreciated by everyone.

Once the formalities were over we made full use of the function suite – the mini-cinema showed various motorsport DVDs (including Jim and Bruce on the London to Sydney Rally) while others chatted in the Rally Bar and caught up with old friends. Our guest of honour spent the evening chatting to all and sundry, and I believe at one point he was even giving a “director’s cut” commentary on the DVD. The evening concluded with the raffle being drawn – and I still haven’t won anything!

Those I have spoken to since the event have all said how much they enjoyed the evening, so I am already thinking how to build on the success. It came as some surprise to me very recently to realise that Scottish Sporting Car Club Limited is 80 years old this year. I think that landmark deserves some form of recognition, so I am thinking about another evening at the same venue in the autumn. What do you think?

I hope to see as many of you as possible at events over the year, but if you want to make any comments, suggestions or criticisms please feel free to contact me.

Julian May


Springtest 1 Results

The results for last Saturday’s event are attached. Congratulations to the award winners who were:
FTD                    Greg Stark
1st Class 2        Trevor Bowden
1st Class 3        Ian Sinclair
All-Forwards Autotest
FTD                    Ricky Wheeler
1st Class 6         Ian Brown
Hopefully everything should be clear, but if there are any queries at all please don’t hesitate to send me an email (especially if you’re a newcomer to autotesting and need an explanation of how the results are calculated – which isn’t as complicated as it might appear!).
Thanks to the marshals/officials: Jim Baillie, Martin Maccabe, Kenneth McRae and Thanasis Pavlopoulos.
Charles Turner
Secretary of the Meeting

January AutoTest/SOLO/PCA Results

Here are the results from this weekend’s AutoSOLO/Test at Kames. I know a few SSCC members didn’t make it due to last minute car troubles (myself included!) but it would be great to see a good turn out at the next on – Kames, Feb 16th. Regs and Entry Form to follow shortly.

Winter Autotest 2 – 30/11/13

Great fun was had by the field of 20+ at the first Autotest/Autosolo/Production Autotest we have held for a good while. I’m hopeful that one of the competitors will add a few words! Loads of pictures are to be seen at my Flikr page here .

Thanks as ever to all the volunteer marshals, and to Charles for providing these results.

Autotest 30-11-13 Results

Coltness CC “Grasstest” – 18th August 2013

From Robert May:

Great day out at what was hartwoodhill hospital for coltness’ gravel (mud/sand) autotest. Only some light damage to the front suspension but still smiling from finally beating the sponsor and Ricky (ok… He didn’t technically finish). But still a great day out for everyone involved (competing or not), would thoroughly recommend giving it a shot and hope to see SSCC having a go at organising something similar too!

From Bruce Lyle:

Coltness Car Club ran their Production Car Autotest at Hartwoodhill Hospital near Shots today, 18th August, and it was a great success. Scottish Sporting and Monklands were invited clubs, and we had the Mays and Wheelers in the field of over 40 entries. The tests were wide and open, thanks to the massive site which has great potential for motorsport in Lanarkshire. First to run were the juniors, and Coltness have lots of enthusiastic 14 +,  year olds, and the variety of cars was amazing – from MOT failures to proper stage prepared rally cars like the May’s Nissan Micra and the Wheeler’s Escort.  Jimmy McRae was on hand to demo his Sierra Cosworth, but it was a bit big for the tests, the condition of which had not been helped by Saturday’s torrential rain.

SSCC past Chairman Wilson Paton has been the man to get access to this venue, as he is on the Advisory Panel of the Lanarkshire Health Board. He thinks that if we play our cards right, we will be able to assure the Board of the benefits to the young folk of Lanarkshire, and convince them to allow the site to be used by the 3 Lanarkshire Clubs for motorsport, helping their understanding of car control and self discipline. Coltness did a great job on the day, providing signing, toilets, car parking  and safe spectator areas, which were all very impressive for the short notice they had of the site availability, so very well done to Hugh Steel, Alex Lindsay and their Team.

I think the site has lots of potential for all sorts of events, including Rallysprint, but we will just have to see how discussions go with the site owners, and of course the other Clubs. I’m sure that once our guys hear what it’s about – cheap motorsport 20 minutes from Glasgow has a big appeal. it was good to see Martin Maccabe, Mark Runciman, and Jim and Frances Baillie along to have a look.

Let’s do it again if we can!

Results – Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint – Saturday 18th May 2013

2013 Sprint Results 18 May

DCC Stages, Ingliston, April 2013


How did the DCC Stages Rally go, I hear you ask? Well friend – pull up a chair and I’ll tell you.

Previous weekend – graphics applied to the car by Scott Crawford, looking very nice. Slight water weep from engine noted.

Previous week – new exhaust fitted, rolling road test done. Slightly smokey exhaust noted. Power figures good, but the engine maybe a bit lean.

Previous night – car taken through for scrutineering, passed with flying colours. Prime service spot obtained and taped off. Car locked up and left for the night, after slight water drip noted.

Morning of the rally – that feeling when you left home about an hour ago, and realised the car key for the rally car is still at home. Closely followed by realisation that Robert’s new go-pro video camera is keeping the keys company.

Meet up with our ace spanner man, David Halley. Luckily the key is only needed for the hatch, so Robert climbs through car to open it from the inside.

Mark Runciman appears to apologise for forgetting the go-pro mount he had borrowed from Robert. Much abuse is given before the absence of our camera is noted.

Graeme and Lisa Barrie appear with replacement go-pro (resilience & continuity, eh?), mount fabricated.

Lack of coolant water noted in rally car.

Right, ready to go. What could possibly go wrong?

Stage 1 – a bit off pace with both driver and ballast being rusty. Fun, though.

Stage 2 – Much better run, including a bit of pinball wizard between hay bales. (I *did* call the yump, honest). Co-driver’s wing and door mirror suffer the consequences.

Service – lack of water addressed with a fair bit of hot water.

Stage 3 – Good run, great fun.

Stage 4 – cancelled for us due to an incident with previous cars. Happily no-one seriously hurt.

Lunch gap – watch the water running out of the bottom of the engine. David diagnoses leaking water pump.

Find out we have a 1 min penalty. Jump start on SS1 by 2/100 seconds!

Stage 5 – Great fun. BIG moment in the middle, but no harm done.http://youtu.be/5wfs_yXeikI

Stage 6 – worrying amounts of water needed. Tried out 13″ wheels, and bottomed out on every bump. Impressive acceleration, though.

Stage 7 – going well until BANG. Engine decides to breath better by putting a conrod through the block.


Ah well, that’s rallying. Did we have fun? You bet! We’ll be back! (At least the water pump is the least of my worries now….)

Huge thanks to all the organisers, officials and marshals for a great day. Your work is hugely appreciated.

Is it meant to look like this?

poorly engine!

poorly engine!

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