SSCC AutoSOLO/Test 27/6/21

The first RS Clubman event of Scottish Sporting’s 2021 season will take place on Sunday 27th June: an AutoSOLO, an All-Forwards Autotest and a Production Car Autotest to be held at the premises of Irvine Bay Events, Ardeer (the former ICI Nobel Explosives plant).

Entries for this event have been rolled over from the cancelled event in May however there are a small number of entries left in the entry list. The list will reopen at 6pm 12th June ’21 and close at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 23rd June.

Too enter, please follow the link below and complete:

General Entry

Motorsport UK Licences: Please remember to renew your RS Clubman license for 2021 ahead of the event. This license remains free of charge and can be applied for, and renewed, via the Motorsport UK Website.

Please do not just turn up at the event – due to covid restrictions we won’t be able to let you through the gate!

All the best,
Robert May
Chairperson & Competition Secretary

Summer Shakedown 27-6-21 Regs.pdf

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