SSCC Sprint, Sat 29 & Sun 30 May 2021


I have pleasure in forwarding Supplementary Regulations and an Entry Form for the Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint to be organised by the Scottish Sporting Car Club at the Kames Motorsport Complex on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May 2021. Each day will be a counter in the Scottish Sprint Championship 2021, the Lowland Speed Championship 2021 supported by MAXSport Competition Tyres (Scotland), the Scottish Sporting Car Club Championship 2021 and (Sunday only) the Scottish Speed Championship 2021. Competitors may enter both days, or just on the Saturday, or on the Sunday.

To enter, please download the attached entry form to your computer, complete all sections and then send the completed form, together with copies of the remote scrutineering documents detailed below, as e-mail attachments to the Entries Secretary at charleswturner . Entries will open at 19:00 hrs on Thursday 29 April 2021 and close at 23:00 hrs on Friday 14 May 2021 (2 weeks before the event, to allow for the extra preparatory work now required for such events). Entries received before the opening time will be rejected. The entry fee(s) (£100 each day – for SSCC members £95 each day) should normally be paid electronically – see section 7 of the entry form for details. NOTE: if you have difficulty submitting any of the required documentation, or do not have access to internet banking to pay the entry fee(s), please contact the Entries Secretary at charleswturner for advice on alternative arrangements.


1. Format of Events: Because of the ongoing Covid pandemic the format and organisation of this event necessarily will be very different to those of previous years. Please read carefully the notes on page 2 of the attached Supplementary Regulations which outline how larger motorsport events such as Sprints now have to be organised.

2. Remote Scrutineering: Motorsport UK has made clear that the arrangements for remote scrutineering outlined here will be the normal way of working in future, even after the pandemic is over, so please save copies of the relevant documents on your computer, ready for use when entering other events. The first stage of scrutineering will consist of the competitor self-declaring that his car and safety equipment comply fully with MsUK regulations (this declaration is incorporated in the attached entry form). The competitor will then submit the following documentation in electronic form along with his entry form (and should take hard copies of these documents with him to events, for production if required by the scrutineers):

Entries in Classes Standard Cars, Road Cars and Classic and Thoroughbred Road Cars – attach (I) proof that the car is currently taxed; and copies of (ii) the road insurance certificate for the car; and (iii) the MoT certificate (for cars over 3 years of age). (NOTE: a copy of the DVSA webpage for the car is acceptable proof of both road tax and MoT).

Entries in Modified Cars, Competition Cars, Classic and Thoroughbred Modified Cars and Classic and Thoroughbred Competition Cars – attach a copy of the car’s Vehicle Passport or Competition Car Log Book. (NOTE: Competition Car Log Books issued prior to 1 January 2000 expired on 31 December 2020. Cars with such CCLBs may still be used on 29/30 May 2021 but not thereafter. Competitors with expired CCLBs are advised to download the application form for a new Vehicle Passport from the Motorsport UK website and arrange as soon as possible to have the completed form endorsed by a Motorsport UK scrutineer.)

The final stage of scrutineering will then take place at the event, with Scrutineers conducting highly detailed examinations of 20% of the entry, to check that every aspect of the competitor’s self-declaration is correct.

So, a lot of restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic and new ways of working to cope with as well. Please bear with us as we all adapt to the new arrangements and, most importantly, please follow carefully the requirements for social distancing, wearing of face masks and use of hand sanitiser at the event – future motorsport events depend on us all following the rules, however irksome they may appear.

Despite it all, we look forward to welcoming friends old and new to the Kames Motorsport Complex on 29/30 May.

Charles Turner

Entries Secretary

SPRINT Entry Form final.doc

SPRINT REGS – SSCC 2021 v3.3 Final.pdf

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