April update from SAMSC Chairman

Here is the latest update from SAMSC Chair, Pete Weall. It’s good to see the various strands of activity laid out in one place, very impressive! If you have any ideas of what SSCC could be doing during the lockdown please let let me know (julian@jgmconsulting.co.uk) – especially if you would like to help organise it!!

Stay safe


Four weeks on from my last update message, I thought I would write to you again to share some of my thoughts. On one hand, much has happened and changed in that short time. On the other hand, there has been no ‘live’ motorsport activity nor will there be any for at least the next ten weeks. I want to cover a range of topics in this update.

Please note that I have included a number of web links. I understand that some of you are wary about clicking on links contained in emails and, having just had my own Facebook page cloned, I share that concern. If you prefer not to use these links, most are reached via either the Motorsport UK website or the SAMSC home page.

Firstly, the next Motorsport UK Regional Committee Meeting will happen on Wednesday 29th April. This will be the first since I was elected as Chairman last year and in these unusual times, it will be conducted as an online meeting using the Zoom application which some of you might already be using to keep in touch with family and friends. If you have anything that you want raised in this meeting, please get in touch with me or Lock, ideally by the end of this week.

How is Covid19 affecting your club? The governing body update on the coronavirus situation is on their website at Covid-19 Q&A. I know that no two clubs are exactly the same and that the lockdown situation will be affecting clubs in different ways but I am keen to get feedback from clubs across Scotland on what impact it is having and also what you are doing to mitigate this impact. I have heard of one club that is using the time to take a more strategic look at their club. This would be a good time for all clubs and championships to do this, perhaps even making contact with each other.

What is Motorsport UK doing to help? You will have seen the announcement of the Club Continuity Funds. This may not be appropriate to every club but it is a valuable offer of financial support. MSUK have also launched a Club Webinar Series. These webinars may now have all been run and I am not sure if there will be any more but they are designed to help clubs work through the current situation. Any club wanting to know more about these should get in touch with me.

How can people stay involved and engaged through this enforced shutdown?

I am continually amazed by how much is going on. I could at this point add links to all sorts of things but I don’t want to risk missing anyone out. For competitors, I know that SMRC are running esport electronic races and 63CC running online table top rallies. Motorsport UK and clubs up and down the country are doing similar things and you and your members will be able to find these, mostly through social media. Marshals too are not left out. In particular, the SAMSC training team are running a series of Online Marshal Training Sessions. I commend these to everyone. It would be a great opportunity for competitors to gain an insight into the world of marshalling. The governing body have launched their online Learning Hub and I have completed my own Safety Car Licence refresher training using this. Even club social events are now going virtual with coffee sessions, quiz nights and more all happening on a device screen near you.

What else should we be doing?

The work of the Specialist Committees continues, again using virtual meetings. Please make sure your members are aware of proposed changes. Rules for Consultation.

When will motorsport begin again?

This is the question I have been asked most often recently and the answer is that none of us knows. Certainly, there are no permitted events until at least the end of June but even if that date is not further extended, our sport might be slow to get back up and running fully. Some disciplines will find it easier than others but for rallies, even the route planning is currently on hold. I hear different stories from competitors. Some are ready to go and have not been too badly affected in terms of their finances while others are facing severe difficulties with either their own cash flow or that of their sponsors. Also, I know that many of the sports rescue and recovery units have made essential equipment including oxygen and PPE available to front line health units so event organisers might find that they will not be able to book the necessary units when the want them. I also want to make a point to all clubs at this stage that fixture and calendar congestion might become a major problem if everyone tries to reschedule postponed events. There are simply not enough weekends in the diary.

Finally, remember to all stay safe and keep in touch with people close to you and also those not so close.

With best regards

Pete Weall

Chairman SAMSC

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