MSCC Production Car Trial Sunday 1st March

At the last AGM Russell Mowat said it would be good to see other Club members competing in this low cost fun event. Monklands Sporting Car Club run 4 PCTs in the year (March 1st, March 29th, October 4th and November 1st) and SSCC members are invited. For those who have not experienced Car Trials before here is a video clip of one Monklands Car Trial

Rules are straight forward. There are 10 markers, numbered 10 to 1. The object is to get as far as possible up the hill before losing forward motion.

Any 2 wheel drive production car is eligible. Cars must have standard summer road tyres (no winter tyres or mud and snow tyres).

If you want to enter send your entries into Jonathan Neale.

As my Subaru Forester is not eligible, I will be along to help marshal. Russell no doubt will be there in his MG Midget and will be glad to have some others competing for the off road championship.

Hope to see you at Forrestburn on 1st March.

Cheers Alistair

Car Trial Regs and Form 01 March and 29 March 2020.doc

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