SSCC Autosolo/PCA Sat. 26 October: Results

1. SSCC Winter Autosolo/Autotest/PCA 1: Results

The results for last Saturday’s event at Irvine Bay Events, Ardeer, are attached. We hope you all enjoyed the competition and we’ll see you on future occasions and, as ever with these events, very many thanks indeed to Jim Crossan and Irvine Bay Events for the use of the Ardeer site. And thanks, too, to Iain Braithwaite for the tin of sweets for the marshals – hope you all got a share.

My apologies to Andrew Park, whose hard-fought second place was unaccountably missed in the announcement of the provisional results, but our congratulations to the individual event winners:

Autosolo: Paul Davidson

Production Car Autotest: Erica Winning

First Beginner: Ben Bowers

As usual, if there are any queries or explanation required as to how the results are calculated please don’t hesitate to contact me (but first see the footnote at the bottom of the document for an explanation of the various symbols used). Basically, the results are given in terms of the number of seconds (and fraction) taken to complete a test, and penalties (hitting a pylon, going over the baulk line) are calculated at 5 seconds per pylon/line. A # symbol means that that time and penalties have been dropped from the calculation (we discount the slowest time from each group of tests).

2. Forthcoming Events – Competitions:

SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2019: Scottish Sporting Car Club’s Winter Autosolo/Autotest/PCA 2 at Ardeer, run on our “traditional” format of two short tests in parallel followed by joining them up into a single long test. Final round in our 2019 championships, so the last chance to get some more points. Regs will be circulated in early November and also will be available from the Club’s website at and the Club’s Facebook page.

3. Forthcoming Events – Marshalling:

Saturday 2 November: Kingdom Stages, run by Glenrothes Motorsport Club at Crail airfield. Final round of the 2019 Scottish Tarmac Rally Championship and, as usual, many marshals needed – volunteers please contact Stewart Paton (email for details.

Friday 8/Saturday 9 November: the Jim Clark Rally is back!! Special Stage rally on closed roads in the Duns area. Even more marshals needed than for the Kingdom Stages – volunteers please contact Alistair Reid (email ) for details.

Saturday 16/Sunday 17 November: Scottish Borders Hill Rally, St Johns Town of Dalry. Mad machines, even madder competitors and plenty of glaur. As ever, marshals needed – volunteers please contact Alistair Reid (email ) for details.

We look forward to seeing you at one or other (or all!) of the above events.

Results 2019 Oct 26 – Winter Autosolo Test PCA 1.pdf

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