Coaching/Introduction Autosolo/’Test Sat 25 May


After the hugely successful first session which we ran back in February, Bob Mather (the Club’s accredited Motorsport Coach) will be running a second introduction and coaching event for autosolo, autotest and production car autotest on Saturday 25 May 2019 at the premises of W H Malcolm, Johnstone.

The event is aimed both at newcomers looking for an introduction to motorsport and also at experienced competitors looking to gain an edge to be able to beat their fellow competitors (like Bob!). So as well as entering yourself, if you know of anyone not currently competing who might be interested in getting into autosolo/autotesting please draw this event to their attention.

These sessions are very much practice-based and consist largely of repeated timed runs over a short autotest course, concentrating on improving steering, braking and also analysis of the course and the best line to take through a series of manoeuvres, all under the expert tutelage of Bob.

The Entry Fee is only £5 but places are limited to an absolute maximum of 15. Entries will be accepted strictly in order of receipt and no entries will be accepted on the day. If you’re interested in improving your performance in the Club’s Autosolos, Autotests or Production Car Autotests, or simply in improving your driving skills, please get your entry in without delay.

To register for this event please email me at with your name and details of the car you will be using. Regs for the event are attached though all the paperwork (including club membership if anyone is not currently a member) can be completed at the event. However it is vital that we know how many folk are coming, so please email me NOW!


Charles Turner

REGS 2019 May 25 Johnstone.pdf

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