Coogie Urquhart Snowman Rally – CANCELLED

Given the lateness of the hour, thought it best to try and get this news out through as many avenues as possible before people start heading North. If you know anyone intending to head to Inverness, please pass this message on:

Urgent Message from the Organisers of the 2019 Snowman Rally.

Further to an extensive review of the stages all week and today, we have had to take the decision to Cancel the Coogie Urquhart Snowman Rally on Saturday 9th February. We have tried everything in our power to keep the event running but to no avail.

As per SR 8.10 “In the highly unlikely occurrence of the event being cancelled prior to the start, entries will be 100% funded with no administration charge” this is was taken today 7th February at 13.30hrs..

The decision is due to extremely unsafe conditions – all the stages have a thick covering of Ice over them and it would be irresponsible as an organising team to take such a risk with people’s safety and we have had to take this regretful decision.

I know you will be disappointed with this decision and I can only apologise for you having to cancel all your plans and the weekends sport.

I of course appreciate all the huge efforts put into the event by the organising team, and for the continued support of the competitors, Marshall’s and spectators alike.

Kindest regards

Graham Provest

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